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We have a hall, games area and lounge where members can enjoy regular and holiday social events and activities.

Our facilities are also open to the community at large for special functions. Member's in-house sports programs include darts, cards, shuffleboard and golf. 

In addition to social activities and Community Programs, the Legion is a strong supporter of of the developement of youth leaders. Contact us today for details.
You DON'T  have to be serving in the Canadian Armed Forces to be eligible.

You DON'T  have to be affiliated with someone who has served in the Canadian Armed Forces to be eligable.

You DO  need to be a Canadian citizen or Common Wealth subject.

Founded in 1926, Legion membership us currently more than 400,000 strong. At one time, the Legion existed solely to the help Canadian veterans and to perpetuate the memory of those who died in battle. Althought these remain our primary concerns, community service as well as programs for youth and seniors are also a vital part of of the Legion's misson today.
When you join the Legion, you support the many services we offer to Veterans, serving military, RCMP Members, and their families.
Here's why you should become a Legion Member
  • To belong to a national organization that supports Canadian veterans and promotes "Remembrance".
  • To support your community through Legion programs and activities.
  • For friendship and recreation.
  • To expand your skills and use your uique talents by participating in sports, public speaking, helping seniors, leadership, youth development, or social and other activities.
  • To have access to a great list of discounted products and service through the Legion's Member Benifits Package.
  • To receive the Legion Magazine six (6) times a year.
Interested in becoming a member? Download our application form and drop off at the branch, or email to membership[email protected]​​
Download Membership Application Form
Originally, membership in the Royal Canadian Legion was restricted to war veterans only,  however eligibility and categories of membership have evolved over the years.  You now do not have to be in the service to join.

The Legion members consist of veterans, service, ex-service men and women, associate and affiliated members who gather for;

Comradeship, to continue to help grow the commitment to Remembrance and support those serving and those that have served and to promote community service, while striving for peace, goodwill and fellowship for all.

Membership options are as follows:

  • Ordinary Member
  • Associate Member
  • Affiliated Member

All applications for membership are subject to the General By-Laws of The Royal Canadian Legion and approval by the local branch to which the application is made.

Membership dues are paid annually.

With all the sporting activities and Special Events that take place at the Legion there will most likely be something that will interest you.  Come on in or call us at 250-642-5913

If you cannot make it down to the Legion, please mail in your dues along with a self-addressed and stamped envelope and we will be pleased to mail your membership card to you.

2018 ​Membership Rates

  • RENEWAL:  Member $60 / Couples $110

  • NEW MEMBERS:  $65.00 / COUPLES: $120
Early Bird Draws / Award

  • Begin 1 September each year

  • Due 30 November annually